The history of the International Maritime College (IMC)dates back to 20th May 2002,when the board of trustee at Kasetsart University, Bangkok Thailand was approved to establish an organization with the status of a campus under the name “International Maritime Institute (IMI)” and the program of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering placed under the direct supervision of the the Faculty of Engineering at Si Racha. Since then, it has contributed to sustainable maritime human resources developments for domestic, regional and even global levels according to increasingly growth of the maritime business for the glory and happiness of advancing generations.In November 27, 2007, from the consensus the board of trustee Kasetsart University Bangkok, finally it is re-established as a 'International Maritime College' (IMC) and tied to the Kasetsart University Si Racha Campus.
The purpose of the faculty is to provide students with a good knowledge of theories and technology required especially in the field of marine science and engineering, and to instill high intelligence and rich culture into the students so as to enable them to contribute to the development of sea transportation and other marine industries.

Administrative Structure

To be the academic and research centre of maritime education in Southeast Asia.
To create highly-qualified, self-disciplined, virtuous and moral human resources in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the area of naval architecture, marine engineering, offshore engineering, aquaculture engineering as well as ports, fleet and dockyards management according to requirements of domestic and international maritime organizations as well as to promote relevant research and serve governmental and private sectors.
To educate human resources in the area of naval architecture, marine engineering and nautical sciences in the undergraduate level with regard to domestic and global demands from relevant industries as well as to promote relevant research, serve communities and search for collaboration with organizations and educational institutes in both Thailand and foreign countries.
International Maritime college   Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus   199 ToongSukhla, Si Racha, Chonburi,       Thailand 20230 Tel: (66)-0-3835-2606-10, Fax: (66)-0-3835-2607 


International Maritime college   
Kasetsart University, Si Racha Campus   

199 ToongSukhla, Si Racha, Chonburi, Thailand 20230    
Tel: (66)-0-3835-2606-10, Fax: (66)-0-3835-2607